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Grungy Paper

"Canadian Musician [Ivan Hartle] following family's footsteps discovers international fans"

"Hartle has an ability to connect with people and that comes through with his music. It’s just in him. It’s just who he is"

"“Follow Suit” opens with a guitar sound you might hear on a porch if the wind’s blowing right. “You Got Me” is sweetened with harmonies"

Grungy Paper

"An EP full of tunes that meld together folk, blues, and soul, with raw guitar that acts as an ideal accompaniment to Hartle's smooth and skillful voice"

"“His vocals alone are incredibly clear and expressive, but his guitar playing is what really drew us to him. If you like acts like Gary Clark Jr. and older John Mayer, then keep your ear out for more from Ivan Hartle"

"Combines the laidback side of the Black Pumas with the West Coast soul of Allen Stone"

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